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Grants in Action: Peter Pan School Play

Spring 2016 Grant Cycle

Beaver Valley School

School Play – Peter Pan.  Funds Received $450.00


With this generous grant, Beaver Valley was able to put on a school-wide play of Peter Pan in our covered play area. With the costs for licensing, performances, as well as costumes, sets, music and props, the grant funds provided by CEF (combined with our BV Parent Group and a Woods House grant) allowed us to accomplish this.

Anytime you are working with children to put on a play performance remarkable things happen. Here at Beaver Valley, we are able to see children grow through several stages of development, year to year. When two years ago you had a quiet Kindergartener who wasn’t ready to perform, but now, here comes that same child, able to remember multiple lines with ease.   That is remarkable!

We had a new student this year, in Third grade, he came in January from a big school. We were quite different for him. When we started the play, he was not sure how it would go and had trouble throughout practice.  Our 4th-grade veterans took it all in stride; they continued to encourage and support him.  In the end, his confidence grew, and he did amazing on stage.

Beaver Valley is a unique school due to its size – this allows us to share experiences with our students in ways that would be difficult in bigger schools. When we are working on a play, it is not an after-school activity. It is a whole school project and woven into our day with reading, speaking (projection and tone), music (singing and dancing) mathematics (measuring, cutting, building of sets), and art (constructing hand props, program, and posters).  The children are involved in every aspect of the play – it is a community effort.

– Kim Miller

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