Grants In Action: Classroom Learning Apps

Fall 2015 Grant Cycle


Educational Apps for Classroom iPads.  Funds Received $200.00

With your generous grant, I was able to purchase a variety of apps for many different subjects to help supplement and differentiate my instruction for my students.  When a student uses the different apps, it incorporates their own profile, which allows them to work at their own pace and skill level.  The apps that I purchased have been implemented during Tier 1 and Tier 2 reading, along a variety of subjects for my homeroom class.

Along with the excitement of blended learning, my students learned how to navigate the ipad even more; having to drag, click, talk, and even type with the new apps. These skills will be very beneficial in 3rd grade when they take the Smarter Balanced Assessment.

When technology is utilized in the classroom, engagement and excitement in learning typically increases. Because we are teaching kids who are digital natives, blended learning in the classroom is vital. My students are even more engaged now that we have high quality apps that can be used by every student to ensure learning success!

Along with increasing engagement, being able to reach students different learning styles is possible with the new apps that can be specialized to each child.  For example, in our reading class, the students used the app “Letter School” multiple times a week during centers. This app tells the student the sound each letter makes, and then allows them to make the letter with their finger. If a student forms the letter incorrectly, it corrects them and gives them more practice with the letter. One student in particular, who struggles with handwriting, has improved immensely ever since using this app. What they are learning on the ipad translates to paper and pencil seamlessly!

Using ipads during class time has always been exciting, but seeing their eyes light up every time I explain one of our new apps is priceless! My class and I greatly appreciate your generous grant!

– Cassidy Cuthill